Idea Using API for Translation and Detection

When reading how to use google’s translation and detection API I thought to a very easy to implement idea, targeted to a specific country.

The idea is simple: implement an online dictionary that will automatically detect the input language and translate it to the browser language by default. Of course the user has also the possibility to choose the output language from a drop down menu.

There is a minimum input required by user because by default the input language is automatically detected and the output will be browser language or even better – the country from the user browses (easily found by it’s ip address using Geo ip database for instance)

The catch is to use the web service and not the ajax feature of google’s translation and detection tool. The reason is to have most of the words the users are looking for indexed. And also it will look like your own service – so you can brand it your own way.

I am sure that with some little link building and a little work you can have a decent monetisation on it.

Update (case study): this dictionary website implemented google api to easily translate words and phrased from various languages. Further more it’s webmaster choose to implement other dictionaries as well, making his dictionary website an easy to use dictionary list.