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Import public certificate and private key to Windows

We have our private key file named private.key and server certificate received from your certificate authority named here ServerCertificate.cer Step 1: for windows we need to generate the pfx file so with openSSL: openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey private.key … Continue reading

SSL Certificates

Since today we start selling SSL certificates. As you may know, starting aug 2014, google announced that if your website is served through a valid https connection will have a boost in search rankings. The reason is to make a … Continue reading

install redmine – centos

Intalling redmine on an old linux centos machine was not straightforward for me, after installing ruby from source (repo had an old version and I wanted to have redmine 3.0) I got stuck in little things (missing libraries) so finally … Continue reading