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Apache reverse SSL proxy

In http conf you can use: ServerName mydomain.com SSLEngine On SSLCertificateFile cert.crt SSLCertificateKeyFile key.key SSLCACertificateFile bundle.cabundle ProxyPass / http://where_to_redirect/ flushpackets=on ProxyPassReverse / http://where_to_redirect/

Avoid brute force for wordpress

Not only it poses a security risk by hackers/bots trying to break into your wordpress install but also for a system admin it’s a nightmare because it may increase the server load. A solution would be to install a wordpress … Continue reading

http/2 apache centos7

1. Using epel test repository you can install nghttp2 and libnghttp2-devel libraries. 2. then get and compile openssl using

3. create symlinks in


4. because for now cpanel doesn’t allow mod_http2 and ignores it in easyapache, … Continue reading