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move/migrate blogger to wordpress

1. login to your blogger account, go to Template section and enable classic template from the bottom of the page. 2. edit your main template (click edit html) and place the following code between the head elements

3. in … Continue reading

Quickly check if under a DOS attack

Check how many connections an ip has to your server, ordered by the most connections

debug sql inside cakephp model

$dbo = $this->getDatasource(); $dbo->fullDebug = true; $this->find(‘all’, … $logs = $dbo->_queriesLog; $log = end($logs); print_r($logs);exit;

Ways to safely accept online payments

Many ecommerce businesses receive international orders for both single items as well as large quantities. These businesses usually take credit card payments for the orders, which puts them at great risk of incurring chargebacks, especially for large ticket items and … Continue reading