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Update JIRA on Linux

first shutdown jira: go to your JIRA bin directory and:

create a separate directory, outside your JIRA installation dir, to store the upgrade files:

An alternative for phpMyAdmin – Adminer

Most times I find myself in a need to check database issues on a system I am given FTP only. To quickly set up something similar to phpmyadmin I found a very light, one file adminer:

Export files between GIT commits for windows

I wrote a simple batch script to help me export the modified files between two git commits and archive them. The commits can be branches or commit codes. 1. Please save the following code as gitexport.bat:

2. Go one … Continue reading

JavaScript: easily do a continuous action on mouse hold

I simpliefied the code as much as possible

System.Security.Crypthography.CryptographicException when installing sharepoint 2010 on windows 7

A more exact error is “An exception oftype System.Security.Crypthography.CryptographicException” and happened when I was trying to install SharePoint2010 on windows 7 x64 I tried to find a solution and fixed the problem by 1. give full control for NETWORK SERVICE … Continue reading

very simple slideshow

DEMO HERE I recently uploaded a slideshow on github. It’s very simple to use as 1-2-3: 1. you build a list of html elements like:

2. you include the css, js libraries in the header

3. you start … Continue reading

CSS transparent border hack, easy

Recently I wanted to have different elements surrounded by transparent borders. For instance an ajax popup, similar with what facebook has, or a design element to look nicer. The solution is having another div that is inside the one you … Continue reading

clear space after floating divs – includes opera fix

When writing html code to draw columns you usually use float elements contained inside a div container like here:

the problem occurs when bellow this code you want to have a footer for instance. To work in all the … Continue reading