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Update JIRA on Linux

first shutdown jira: go to your JIRA bin directory and: ./ create a separate directory, outside your JIRA installation dir, to store the upgrade files: mkdir upgradejira cd upgradejira wget chmod a+x atlassian-jira-6.3.12-x64.bin ./atlassian-jira-6.3.12-x64.bin

An alternative for phpMyAdmin – Adminer

Most times I find myself in a need to check database issues on a system I am given FTP only. To quickly set up something similar to phpmyadmin I found a very light, one file adminer:

JavaScript: easily do a continuous action on mouse hold

I simpliefied the code as much as possible var intervalHandler; $(‘#’+obj_id).mousedown(function() { intervalHandler = setInterval(function() { doTheWork(); }, 100); return false; }) $(‘#’+obj_id).mouseup(function() { clearInterval(intervalHandler); }); function doWork() { //I am working here }

System.Security.Crypthography.CryptographicException when installing sharepoint 2010 on windows 7

A more exact error is “An exception oftype System.Security.Crypthography.CryptographicException” and happened when I was trying to install SharePoint2010 on windows 7 x64 I tried to find a solution and fixed the problem by 1. give full control for NETWORK SERVICE … Continue reading

very simple slideshow

DEMO HERE I recently uploaded a slideshow on github. It’s very simple to use as 1-2-3: 1. you build a list of html elements like: 2. you include the css, js libraries in the header 3. you start the slideshow … Continue reading

CSS transparent border hack, easy

Recently I wanted to have different elements surrounded by transparent borders. For instance an ajax popup, similar with what facebook has, or a design element to look nicer. The solution is having another div that is inside the one you … Continue reading