Perfection is your enemy

Officially this is my first non-technical post I write. Even if nobody reads it it’s a good place to lay down some of the things I find interesting.

Life is not only about work and study so maybe it makes sense to start writing about something else.

On many projects I worked I noticed that I wanted the projects to be perfect.
– As a freelancer if I noticed something to improve I directly made the modification for free, happy that the outcome will be just… PERFECT 🙂
– For my projects I experimented with the latest technologies trying to make the “perfect” application.
The list can continue, even in our lives we want things to be more than great. The car without scratches, life without problems, this post without mistakes etc..

Many times I found my self delaying the launch of a project because it’s not perfect. And guess what? What’s perfect today is perfectible tomorrow. Perfection is an illusion and as Scott Berkun said: “Perfection is a prison and a self-made one.”

As a confirmation, the most successful project I have with a good friend was developed and launch in a week, far from been perfect. The most complex project I worked on it’s still not launched… it’s not perfect… even if we changed the design 4 times, completely rewritten two times, added and removed features continuously.

My two cents opinion is: JUST DO IT, don’t wait, more ideas will appear, other project will follow, different experiences will come.

Life is not perfect, we are not perfect and will never be on this earth.