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Cakephp installl plugin as submodule

In order to install Search plugin for instance:

Warning: array_splice() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in ShellDispatcher.php

I hit this error using console of cakephp 2.3.8 but you can encounter this issue on other versions as well. The solution is to edit (command line arguments are not seen) app/Console/cake and on on the line:

after -q … Continue reading

Cakephp 1.3 and php 5.4

A quick notice how to disable the errors that appear after upgrading the php to 5.4 which is by the way a lot faster than ever before. cake/bootstrap.php replace:


cake/libs/debugger.php after:


cakephp page title in view cake1.3

In order to change page title in cakephp inside a view just use the code bellow