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SEO for starters – Google tutorial

Google webmaster central has made a further step in helping webmaster building their path in the seo business. Designed for starters, the seo information can be useful for any of us. You can read more from here: Search Engine Optimization … Continue reading

Google Youtube Audio Indexing

Google launched, relatively recent, a new service called google audio indexing or gaudi that can be found here: The service is on beta stage for the moment but it promises a lot from my point of view. I have … Continue reading

Guess what – RentACoder forgets about direct linking

Recently RentACoder (RAC) website changed their politics about direct linking. If, in the past, you created a new bid request and a direct link ( was added to exemplify what you needed now the link has changed and became: … Continue reading

BBC does not Share Page Rank Anymore

BBC is no longer sharing it’s page rank because any external links are blocked. For instance instead of linking to they are applying this crap: Read the full article here Update: BBC wanted to measure how much traffic … Continue reading

Tutorial – How Google works

The following video tutorials are talking about how google discovers, crawls, indexes your site’s page and how are displayed in the search results. Discoverability: Crawling and Indexing: Ranking – Relevance and importance: Google resources for webmasters: Other resources: