IBM anti DOS attacks server

IBM announced this week a new blade server that is intended to stop the DOS attacks.

The new server called IBM BladeCenter PN41 is combining the Deep Packet Inspection technology from CloudShield with other protection platforms that IBM already has in order to stop one of the hardest types of attacks to detect and prevent. The system is expected to be available in October.

It’s very well known that the ability to stop denial-of-service attacks is something system administrators have only dreamed of for a long while. IBM saw this challenge and soon will launch the new weapon against hackers.

The DOS attacks are very tricky to fight because by the time you notice you are attacked there’s not much you can do. The network links are already overwhelmed and even blocking classes of ip’s from the ISP directly won’t help you either in most of the cases; especially that nowadays almost all the attacks are DDOS or distributed denial of service attacks (the source of the attack can be sattered all over the Internet just like you legitimate source traffic is).

Hopefully the BladeCenter will stop even the vast DDOS attacks. We just need to wait and see what the costs involved in adopting the IBM technology are and how well the IBM promise will be kept.