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A rating of 10 doesn’t compare to how good this company is, more like a 15. They went above and beyond, fixed countless errors that weren’t required in the original specs and made sure everything worked perfect before they stated the project was complete and documented everything very, very well to make sure there were no communication issues. Outstanding job!
Matt, Mansfield, Texas, United States

TRUELY A GREAT COMPANY. Fast Work, perfect english, no errors, very very helpful, fixed up a problem i didn’t know i had with my counter, i could not speak more highly, you are risking your project if you do not give it to this guy.
Dian, Bangkok, BKK, Thailand

Absolutely superb. Quick, capable, friendly, patient… R. is without a doubt one of the best coders I’ve encountered –I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Oliver, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

the coder is really skillful specially in oscommerce solution, also reliable and faster responder, we are looking to work with the coder again for future project, thanks again best regards Simone
Simone, Genova, Liguria, Italy

Ecommy did a great job at coming up with a needed add on for our Zen Cart client. I would work with them again and recommend them for your ecommerce mods especially those concerning Zen Cart.
Vince, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

This company has always done an EXCELLENT job for us. The coder is very knowledgeable about their work and is always patient. This coder is also good at offering other solutions to correct problems. Would definitely work with this coder again.
Willie, Cleveland, North Carolina, United States

This guy is fast, professional, communicates effectively and an expert in osCommerce and PHP. I couldn’t have gotten luckier.
Travis, Oceanside, California, United States

R. is helpful, informative and often at hand to work at short notice. He is also a great problem solver and can articulate what he has done very clearly and in excellent English. Overall, R. is an excellent coder and a pleasure to work with.
Mark, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Outstanding company…..Simply Outstanding. Knows the environment and completes the task in record time. Need an honest reliable coder…..Ecommy is the one
Michael, Palm Harbor, Florida, United States

Great Work!! I will work with ecommy anytime. I highly recommend. I am already looking at getting them to do more work for me. He does good work, offers suggestions, and even fixed some problems I had with other issues. He is honest and trustworthy which is the most important feature besides the great work that he does. I will be back 100%. Thanks for a job well done.
Leon, Austin, Texas, United States

This is a great company. they are very fast with the e-mail reply and quick turn around. We had two projects completed by them, and both times are very excellent work. Very fast and reliable. Highly recommended
Peter, Woodbridge, Virginia, United States

By far the best experience I have had! This company provided me with all deliverables long before the deadline. The work the produced also far exceeded the expectations I had for the site. Thank you so much for all your great work!
Kenneth, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Oustanding……simply Oustanding work by this company. I had a vision of how I needed my site to perform, It was if ecommy had the same vision as the completed work was absolutly spot on…. Thanks, you are the greatest.

What to say…..I accepted ecommy’s offer, communicated about project, went to sleep and when I awoke early the next day…project was complete. Not only was it complete but exactly what I needed. Not only was the coder excellent at coding…but explanations as to how and why the contributions worked were given so that I had a full understanding. If you need coding work done…this is the one for you. Great Job My Friend
Michael, Palm Harbor, Florida, United States

Great working with you and thanks for all your hard work. You delivered a difficult project to us with many changes mid-project. We appreciate you accomodating our changes without any complaint and consistent results. We feel confident you can solve any of our future problems. The project is on-going and we hope that you will continue to work with us in the future. Anyone looking for a person they can depend on to deliver a solid project with complicated demensions would be wise to choose you. You are an efficient and hardworking programmer.
Gus, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Very trustworthily and knowledgable. A true professional. Wonderful communication prior, during and after the project was complete. Completed the objectives of this project and exceeded my expectations. Provided completed work very quickly, ahead of deadline. Took the time to load program on his own server to test all file modifications. Had no problem working on issues that arose due to my part. I would highly recommend!
Lawrence, Pearl City, Hawaii, United States