Jira: how do I allow users to access a specific project?

I found the answer on google and post it here for reference

1. create a new role (Administration -> User Management -> Roles). This role will be a template for the type of user and the types of permissions they will have in a specific project
2. copy the default permission scheme (Administration -> Issues -> Permission Schemes), rename it.
3. associate this new permission scheme to a specific project (Project page -> Adminstration -> Permissions -> Actions button -> Use a different scheme)
4. create a new group. you can’t use jira if you aren’t associated with a group and most default groups have global access across your projects.
5. give that new group “jira-users” access to login in and out.
6. Assign your new user to that role and group. they should now have the role permissions to the specific project you want and should be able to login and out.