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This service targets customers that do the next step over shared hosting because of performance reasons.
We can help squeezing the last drop of performance juice from your new VPS (virtual private server), VDS (aka semidedicated servers) or dedicated server.

Because we run our webhosting business since 2008 so, we have the experience to implement the best practices in running your own server.

What we will do:
– we start with a short online meeting, to know each other and talk a little about your needs
– we begin with centos 7 minimal, our preferred flavour, however tastes differ so we are willing to listen your option
– if needed we configure your router to pass the needed traffic to your server
– install a control panel (if you don’t have a licence we can consult you for open source/free or payed options)
– in most situations we install MariaDB Server (an enhanced version of MySQL)
– install apache 2.4 and configure it to support multiple SSL websites over same ip (SNI)
– install memcached
– install PHP and configure it as fastcgi (performance but it also allows to run multiple versions of PHP in the same time)
– install BIND DNS Server
– install Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server
– install Postfix Mail Server
– install ProFTPD Server
– best practices security settings
– performance optimizations
– change default ports for critical management services
– migrate your site/sites with no downtime
– configure the backup strategy
– configure an automated process to install the OS security updates
– and many more, depending on your needs
– one month support included!
– SURPRISE! not everybody reads the last line 🙂 – for your main website we will offer with no extra charges a domain validated SSL certificate (COMODO positive SSL, valid for 3 years) (it’s good for SEO too!)


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