Prestashop per product delivery date (for flower shops or hotels)

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Addon is compatible with prestashop 1.5.* and 1.6.*

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The Prestashop delivery date module has been created based on input from many shop owners that wanted a specific approach to select a delivery date. I must admit most of them are in the flower selling business or hotels so if you are on the same boat then the plugin will fit like a custom tailored glove.

Other applications for the plugin are: hotels, selling assurances (using the date for when to start the assurance availability).

This version of the module allows you to have a delivery date for each of your product. A delivery calendar module that will store a shipping date for each of your items.
The date is picked on the product page and optionally for each day of the week picked, you can have a certain hour interval available.
For instance on Saturday you deliver only to 12:00 or on a holidays you are not delivering at all, so you want this dates not to be available.

Module is compatible with prestashop 1.5.* and 1.6.*


April 2016
– small translation issue

November 2015
– tested with presta v1.6.1.2

March 2015
– tested with prestashop
– small usability changes

February 2015
– fixed undefined method error in certain situations when using product custom fields

November 2014
– added setting for making date selection optional, global and per product
– interface improvements
– moved sql to a separate file
– updated bootstrap
– tested for

July 2014
– 12h format support for same day delivery
– fix configuration for multishop in certain server environments
– tested against prestashop

June 2014
– implemented default available weekdays for products that are taken from current global settings
– updated bootstrap
– set up default values for individual products as inherited from global settings

March-May 2014
– rewrite manual and added to support tab
– css changes for prestashop 1.6
– delivery info inside email
– possibility to disable calendar for certain products
– ! calendar configuration per product
– added a configuration model for further optimizations
– changed support link; fix appmodel already defined if an older version is installed

February 2014
– mobile theme compatibility
– hours to prepare order support decimal values (also under one hour values)
– starting hour is adjusted to first available time for same day

January 2014
– bugfix: adding to cart is not stopped in case of an error
– updated _BASE_URI_ for iframe backoffice configuration

December 2013
– updated readmefile
– added a theme example file for cart line delivery date inline changes
– rewrite plugin for further optimizations and compatibility testing with prestashop 1.6 alpha

May 2013
– tested with 1.5.4

April 2013
– style adjustments
– improved first delivery day configuration (for instance if weekend, or restricted day(s), the first available day is taking into consideration only the working days )
– litle warning message in cart when there is no date selected
– calendar locale issue on product page

March 2013
– different delivery dates per each product combination
– improved compatibility for non-ajax carts
– possibility to change the date from the cart
– optional inline calendar

February 2013
– calendar auto translation and a better way to translate the module
– fixed datepicker on product page when no disabledweek date is available
– include frontend libraries only on required pages
– bugfix & optimization: js library for backoffice configuration is included only for the needing pages
– initial release

3 reviews for Prestashop per product delivery date (for flower shops or hotels)

  1. Alina Musat (verified owner)

    This is a great module. We received a lot of support as we needed some customization and the response was prompt and professional. Thank you!

  2. Erik (verified owner)

    Good module !
    This module is very helpful transaction in my online florist.
    With the existence of this module, the customer may at any time order with delivery times as they want.
    Need to have for all online florist.

  3. Raffaele Conte

    This is a great Module but most of all, I received a lot of support as I needed some customization .

    Fantastic support

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