Smart Saver – Free Ground Shipping

Today, when searching for my favorite perfume I found a website that offered free ground shipping for it. Unfortunately the price was pretty high so the question was: is really free shipping worth it anymore?

Researching a little more I found another website that wasn’t offering free shipping but the price+standard ground shipping was way lower than the previous one.

Offering free shipping is an important strategy for any e-commerce merchant but buyers must be aware that merchants see the free shipping just another cost that will need to be covered from the margin of profit.

If you are a buyer, take your time and do a research to check if the “smart saver” which is “the one and only” free ground shipping really worth it.

If instead you are a merchant you may actually tell the shoppers that your smart free shipping saver is the smart way to go especially because the quality/price of your products are superior. All this info could easily be added in a new page called: “Why buy from us?”