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Of course, I like movies and I like pranks. So what is better to have the best of both worlds then? Guess who’s back? check this out for more. source: OWASP News

The Dan Kaminskybox.

So I had a little fun with my new soundboard I created, starring the famous Dan Kaminski. Yes the DNS dude, for those who don't know him. A soundboard is used for making prank phone calls, which in terms can … Continue reading

Think Free.

Scroll to 25:00 for the main talk. We are told that we live in a free society. There is no greater test of freedom then being able to leave. In order to understand this idea better, we need to know … Continue reading

Wake Up Time.

Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people. — Bruce Schneier. Waking up means you stop dreaming, and you wake up into truth. But what happens when you wake up in a prison that you never knew was one? you still have … Continue reading

Surf Jack.

I got into contact with Sandro from enablesecurity a couple of times before. But the last time I talked with him he gave a very interesting concept that I haven't saw before. He called it: Surf Jacking, HTTPS will NOT … Continue reading

Flash, Fuzzing and Girls.

A short update of developments this week. Let's start with how to impress girls. I just read some slides from Blackhat, and one that caught my interest was the slides from Mark Dowd and Alexander Sotirov[1]. I guess I don't … Continue reading

IBM anti DOS attacks server

IBM announced this week a new blade server that is intended to stop the DOS attacks. The new server called IBM BladeCenter PN41 is combining the Deep Packet Inspection technology from CloudShield with other protection platforms that IBM already has … Continue reading