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Intrusion Detector quick install

install proxy_wstunnel_module in cpanel/whm

I had apache 2.4.6 already installed so Note: – I downloaded the sources for 2.4.6 – You need mod_so

as a bonus: to configure apache proxy using use:

Send mail from command line with content from file

In order to send an email from command line with a custom subject and the content taken from a from file:

where path/to/file is something like:

Kill all fastcgi processes

Sometimes I need to reset all php fastcgi processes especially when I change the php version for users in their php-wrapper

install php xdebug

I installed it for the latest stable version of php 5.3 (5.3.21). Feel free to change the version to your own needs

Last step is to include the extension in your php.ini along with the configuration variables you need. … Continue reading

Linux IO speed test

install ntop on centos 5 with whm/cpanel environment

———- install ruby ——————– /scripts/installruby ———- install libpcap ——————– yum install libpcap-devel libpcap I removed from /etc/yum.conf : ruby and perl from the exclude list vi /etc/yum.conf ———- install rrdtool ——————– yum install rrdtool yum install rrdtool-devel ———- install nDPI … Continue reading