SSL Certificates

Since today we start selling SSL certificates. As you may know, starting aug 2014, google announced that if your website is served through a valid https connection will have a boost in search rankings. The reason is to make a … Continue reading

install redmine – centos

Intalling redmine on an old linux centos machine was not straightforward for me, after installing ruby from source (repo had an old version and I wanted to have redmine 3.0) I got stuck in little things (missing libraries) so finally … Continue reading

install ruby

# check if ruby is installed gem -v cd /usr/src wget tar -xvf ruby-2.2.1.tar.gz cd ruby-2.2.1 yum install libffi yum install libffi-devel yum install openssl ./configure –with-openssl-dir=/usr make make install # ruby gems wget ruby setup.rb

move/migrate blogger to wordpress

1. login to your blogger account, go to Template section and enable classic template from the bottom of the page. 2. edit your main template (click edit html) and place the following code between the head elements <script> <MainOrArchivePage> window.location.href=”” … Continue reading

update mysql using yum

On one of the servers I needed to do an upgrade for mysql so I found am easy way to do it following the instructions from the mysql website. As a summary this is what you need to do: wget … Continue reading

Intrusion Detector quick install

rpm -Uvh yum install fail2ban

Update JIRA on Linux

first shutdown jira: go to your JIRA bin directory and: ./ create a separate directory, outside your JIRA installation dir, to store the upgrade files: mkdir upgradejira cd upgradejira wget chmod a+x atlassian-jira-6.3.12-x64.bin ./atlassian-jira-6.3.12-x64.bin